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Are you looking for a place with unlimited opportunities? 

Grow with us!


We are an entrepreneurial business seeking talented and professional individuals who will actively participate and contribute towards the development of the company.

Kangapoda thrives on commitment to all roles of the business, whether it’s manufacturing, packaging, marketing, IT, production, or customer service. If you are capable of working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment with the ability to adapt quickly, then this may be the place for you.  

Kangapoda is on a journey to become a standard in top of the bed comfort. We pride ourselves on our unique business model, cutting edge products, and customer satisfaction.

  • Unique - We are the first company to sell patented, ergonomically superior top sheets and blankets in recognition that TV-watching in comfort from the bed is imperative.
  • Original - The idea of Kangapoda stemmed from a painful cramp one evening. Kangapoda sheets offer an effective solution to a real problem, “The Problem is the FeetThe Feet are Not Designed to Point.” Find out why: http://www.kangapoda.com/nutcracker/
  • Cutting Edge - Kangapoda products are beautiful and work as advertised. It took the company several years after that infamous calf-cramp to develop its breakout new products. Our patented sheets and blankets are so much more comfortable, especially when one is on his or her back watching TV, that we have the potential to completely alter the top of the bed status quo. 

Although we are a new bedding company, you do not have to be an expert in sheets and blankets, but must be prepared to dip your toes into the Kangapoda experience. Or as we say, “Thumbs up for feet up!”





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