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Fabulous Fabric Choices


Our crème de la crème is our 600-thread count extra-long-staple Egyptian cotton renowned for its soft drape, distinctive luster, beautiful hand, and amazing durability. 

Cotton is the most widely used fabric for sheets due to its comfort and breathability (i.e., the ability to absorb and wick away moisture and perspiration).  Cotton sheets also have a long life and are easy to take care of.  It is generally accepted that the absolute highest quality cotton is Egyptian extra-long staple (ELS) cotton because it creates a stronger and finer yarn. 

We decided to launch with the best of the best.  Our top-of-the-line 600TC Egyptian cotton sheets are sublime.  Truly.  Our 400-thread count sateen is wondrous.  It is a fabulous weave.  For those of you not financially ready to go with the best of the best, our 400TC is woven from long-staple combed cotton. You will not be disappointed.  Presently, our 400TC sateen only comes in classic white.


Sheet weaving is an art.  It is far-beyond a thread count number. 


 There are many factors that contribute to the caliber of the fabric:

  • What is the type of cotton utilized (extra-long-staple 100% Egyptian Cotton is the best)
  • What size and fineness of yarns are utilized in both the warp and weft
  • When and why will a sheet weaver use a single-pick design versus a multiple-pick design?
  • When and why will a sheet weaver use a single-ply versus a multi-ply thread
  • THE WEAVER’S SECRET SAUCES—unique finishing processes (e.g. singeing, sanforizing, and mercerizing) and dyeing techniques and processes—that contribute mightily to the look and feel of the FABRIC.  


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