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Meet Komfy the Kangaroo and Her Friends Ooh and Aah! 

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We knew we wanted a mascot to be Kangapoda's Goodwill and Brand Ambassador. 


A female kangaroo was the obvious choice, since she has a pouch for the podas (Latin word for feet). 

Meaning Behind the Names

Komfy – Kangapoda’s patented, ergonomic sheets and blankets allow your feet to have room even though the covers are tucked-in. So, 'Komfy' simply made sense: more room for your feet!

Ooh & Aah – The moment you place your feet underneath a Kangapoda sheet or blanket, you will immediately feel the difference in comfort compared to a plain old top sheet. Ooh, that's very nice. And, when you realize you can really recline and relax and, for many, not have to worry about bringing about a painful cramp from contorting your feet...Aah...now it is super comfortable to watch TV under the covers.

You cannot help but smile when you realize that this is what your feet would say—if they could—when experiencing Kangapoda comfort, "Ooh and Aah!"


Let us know what you think of our mascot!

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