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KangaPlush Pillow Shams Add Beauty, Drama, Comfort & Functionality to Your KangaPlush Bed

Pillowcases do the heavy lifting. You lie your face on them. You perspire, and drool, and get your makeup on them. The good news is pillowcases are designed to be easy to care for and to keep clean and hygienic. Most shams, in contrast to pillowcases, are more focused on the decorative.

KangaPlush Pillow Shams are focused on the functionally decorative. Start with the decorative. KangaPlush Pillow Shams are rich and luxurious. The solid color shams are gorgeous accoutrements to the KangaPlush bed. The two-tone shams are beyond striking. They match our KangaPlush Blankets so delightfully that the ensemble is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Functionally, they are soft, sturdy, and utterly delicious. You will enjoy lying back against them as well as hugging them. Use them for extra support when you read or watch TV. Use them to position and support a lap top. Use them to prop up your legs and feet. The backing on most of the shams is a silky soft satin with an envelope enclosure. Some others are backed with KangaPlush fleece. They frequently have an extra layer of soft batting in the front for shape and structural integrity.

We are not yet in full production with our gorgeous shams. Presently, they are sold only as part of the KangaPlush Collection ensembles.

However, any questions or requests, please send to info@Kangapoda.com and we will try to please. On the bed, our shams are so far superior to throw pillows—it’s not even a contest.
Kangapoda Shams … the pouch to make extra pillows decorative, functional, and awesome!