The infomercial is an incredibly powerful way to introduce breakout new products to the market. It is the vehicle which propelled many products from absolute zero to becoming well-known brands.

The Kangapoda infomercial is fun, eye-catching, informative, and catchy. It sets out the problem of the taut, tucked-in sheet and establishes the need for a better solution. The infomercial opens with a couple’s peaceful evening being suddenly interrupted when the man leaps out of bed in pain, scaring his wife, as he dances around trying to quell a calf cramp.


Professor Tomás (More Toe) Pedpodia

In developing the Kangapoda infomercial script, it occurred to us that the discussion of the actual physical dilemma of the nutcracker effect of taut sheets against a person’s feet and the concomitant need for the Kangapoda Top Sheet should be educational.  But, as the bed and sheet and blanket are all simple, a pedantic, too scholarly approach would be a turn off and detract from making a person feel relaxed and comfortable and wanting to go to sleep.  Thus, we arrived at the concept of a zany, yet brilliant, professor. 



Peter Anderson performing a Kangapoda Hamlet Soliloquy 

“To free, or not to free-that is the question:

Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer

The groans and cramps of a Virtual Nutcracker

Or to take Ergonomic Arms against an old top sheet of troubles

And by opposing, end them.

To sleep, to rest—or at least to watch TV reclined in comfort

And say we end the foot ache.”


Kangapoda's Medical Advisor, Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus, and Kangapoda's Inventor and Founder, Hal Mintz share a "Once you go Kangapoda, your old top sheet is Outmodamoment in Dr. Schoenhaus' Boca Raton, Florida office.