Why Kangapoda


The absolute most relaxed viewing and reading position is reclined on your back with the head propped up by pillows.  However, in this position, the feet naturally rest at a near right angle forcing the toes against the plain flat top sheet.  To compensate for the irritation of a plain flat top sheet, many people un-tuck the covers each night. Many others have stopped using a hygienic (and easy-to-launder) top sheet altogether.


The tightness at the bottom of the bed is due to the mechanical force of a lever — like a nutcracker. Since the bed is supposed to be so comfortable, the analogy is not readily apparent. To help you visualize: imagine the sheet was a solid geometric plane of wood connected at the bottom of the bed with a hinge. You would never be willing to put your feet into that wooden crusher. Of course, a bed sheet—unlike a plane of wood—has some give; but, down close to where it is tucked in it is surprisingly taut and unyielding. Ah-ha…now you’re beginning to understand the ‘nutcracker effect’!

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it 
and I shall move the world”
Greek: c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC


The Kangapoda Solution

Kangapoda top sheets and blankets incorporate a patented ergonomic canopy. It lies flat when not in use to mimic a plain flat top covering; however, it expands and drapes the feet without tension when you are under the tucked in covers in a TV viewing position. Kangapoda’s approach eliminates the tension of a plain flat, top sheet and blanket.

Thumbs Up For Feet Up!