Kangapoda Jingle

single-note.jpg "Foot loose and phalanges free...Toe-ta-lly liberating...Kanga-po-da!

Making your feet feel freeee...Toe-ta-lly liberating...Kanga-po-da!...

Kangapoda makes your feet feel free". double-note.jpg

Sure jingles are silly, sing-songy, and whimsical, but they have proven in the history of media-based marketing to be powerful and sticky. Songs have a way of appealing to our inner sensitivity better than words on a page or the spoken word. The warmth of a song helps to overcome any barriers we may have that prevent us from knowing about the product. Jingles have also been successful at engendering familiarity with products that had previously been unknown.

Perhaps it was the already fun sounding ‘Kangapoda’, but Hal immediately thought about creating a jingle. He had studied in business school how, in the 1920s, a fun jingle had rescued Wheaties from being retired by General Mills. And he thought a fun jingle could help introduce the ergonomic benefits of Kangapoda to the basically staid bedding landscape. He also thought that a shorter, reinforcing jingle could cost-effectively support and buttress the far-more-expensive-to-place infomercial that he planned on developing. So Hal wrote the words and asked his Uncle Norman (Dr. Norman Steinbaum), a retired ophthalmologist and a classically-trained pianist, if he could develop the melody. We think it came out pretty good.