Design Superiority

Comparison from a Manufacturing Perspective

The Plain Flat Top Sheet is a simple rectangle. The fabric is spooled off a fabric roll; cut at the desired length; and then hemmed with a more decorative hem at the top of the sheet. Most plain flat top sheets are ‘spit out’ by machine these days, as they are simple to make.

The Kangapoda Canopy Sheet is an elegant ergonomic design. The manufacturing process is far more sophisticated and expensive than for a plain flat top sheet. The ergonomic canopy works because significantly more beautiful fabric is incorporated into the design.  It lies flat when not in use but expands and drapes the feet when you lie under the covers on your back. Even large feet are now very comfortable under the covers.

The Canopy Sheet requires measuring, cutting, and joining 3 distinct segments (e.g., the top, the ergonomic canopy, and the flap).  Of course, the Kangapoda Canopy Sheet also requires classic perimeter hems with a more decorative hem at the top. 

The Kangapoda Canopy Sheet profoundly improves your daily lifestyle. TV time, reading, and relaxing is far more comfortable. Persons with foot pain no longer have the pressure. Back-sleepers and -nappers finally have a product that accommodates the feet.

The Canopy Sheet’s positive implications extend well beyond TV time. According to the Sleep Foundation, people who have a neat bed get a better night’s sleep. Now that you can keep the bed tucked in, the bed stays neater. Moreover, you don’t have to make it from scratch the next morning.