How To Make The Bed With A KangaPlush

Step 1 

The starting point is the Kangapoda Canopy Sheet. The KangaPlush Blanket and the Kangapoda Canopy Sheet work together as a complementary system.  The ergonomic canopy of the canopy sheet expands within the ergonomic canopy of the KangaPlush, so your feet have room.  The KangaPlush canopy’s ergonomics are thwarted if you use it above a regular plain flat top sheet.  So, let’s do it right from the start.

Step 2  

Spread the KangaPlush evenly on the bed.  Stand on one side of the bed, and place your left hand under the left side of the canopy ceiling and your right hand under the right side of the canopy ceiling.  Simply push inwards until your left hand and right hand fingers touch in the middle while pulling it toward you. Then repeat this same process on the other side of the bed.  This will perfectly set the canopy for maximum expansion when you are under the covers.

Step 3 

In conjunction with setting the canopy, position the ergonomic canopy so that its lower edge is parallel to the foot edge of your bed.  

Step 4

The KangaPlush Blanket is luxuriously oversized making it a snap to tuck-in for coziness and neatness.  

Step 5

Make your way around your mattress and tuck it all in baby!  Admire the elegant, clean Lines. As you can see, the ergonomic canopy lies sleekly flat when not in use.  Importantly, because of the canopy, you no longer have to untuck the bottom of the bed to eliminate the tightness of the covers.  A neater bed promotes a better night’s sleep and is much easier to straighten in the morning.

Step 6

This is a side view of the ergonomic canopy. Not only does the patented, ergonomic canopy look like a trendy bed scarf, but it adds color, contrast, and richness to your bed and bedroom!

Step 7 

Get under the covers and see how nice it is to have room for your feet to lie at their natural right angle.  Watch your favorite TV shows and smile in Kangapoda comfort when you see the Kangapoda infomercial on your TV.

The KangaPlush™ Blanket is the perfect complement to the Kangapoda Top Sheet—they make a splendid ergonomic pair. The Kangapoda Top Sheet canopy seamlessly slips right into the KangaPlush™  Blanket canopy when you are underneath the covers, doubling your ergonomic comfort.
So read, watch TV, surf the web, sleep, or just recline on your back and 
Appreciate True Ergonomic Comfort. 
Ooh la la…Love my Kangapodas!!