How To Make The Bed With A Kangapoda Sheet

Step 1

Start with a clear bed.  When making your bed with your new Kangapoda sheets, the first thing to do is to put on our beautiful deep fitted sheet with the strong elastic.  Make sure it is nicely tucked in, smooth, and crisp.


Step 2 

Take the Kangapoda Canopy Sheet and spread it evenly on top of your bed.  The ergonomic canopy resembles a bed scarf at the foot of the bed. The Kangapoda canopy is on TOP of the sheet so it is above your feet when you are under the covers just like a tent must be over your head.

 Step 3 

Stand on one side of the bed, and place your left hand under the left side of the canopy ceiling and your right hand under the right side of the canopy ceiling.  Simply push inwards until your left hand and right hand fingers touch in the middle. Then repeat this same process on the other side of the bed. This will perfectly set the canopy for maximum expansion when you are under the covers.

 Step 4

To ensure the best positioning of the canopy, place your hands under each side of the canopy and pull the sheet toward you until it is taut, flat, smooth, and centered.  Then repeat this process on the other side of the bed.

 Step 5

Tuck it in baby!  The patented Kangapoda Canopy Sheet is all about making your feet comfortable even though the sheet is tucked in.  Administratively, a neat bed leads to a better night’s sleep, and the bottom tuck is the most important. Tuck the generous overhang under the mattress.  And, by all means enjoy hospital corners too.

Step 6

Enjoy the Side View of the tucked in Ergonomic Canopy.  The Kangapoda Canopy will serve as a guide for tucking in the corners giving you a nice clean look when you are done.

Step 7

Take a step back and enjoy! Your bed now looks neat and clean, and the canopy is extremely low profile.  You are now ready to watch TV, read, surf the web, rest or sleep on your back with your feet more comfortable than they could ever be under a plain flat top sheet.

*Please note that the KangaPlush Blanket works as a system with the Canopy Sheet where the ergonomic canopy of the top sheet seamlessly expands within the ergonomic canopy of the KangaPlush.