Why a KangaPlush Blanket?

The Most Decadently Luxurious Blanket You Ever Owned!


The KangaPlushTM Blankets are absolutely luxurious! They are large, plush, dramatic, and ergonomically superior—that means more comfortable!

The KangaPlush™ blanket is a patented, comfortably delicious, ergonomic delight. Since the KangaPlush™ blanket’s construction, like that of the Kangapoda Top Sheet, is in 3-parts, we needed to commission high-caliber, dense, not-too-stretchy fleece to better block, cut, and stitch. In addition to its non-pill, machine washable, super plush fabric, the KangaPlushTM has 3 distinct competitive advantages:



    1. The Ergonomic Canopy.  This is the sine qua non for Kangapoda. We understand that the feet require room; however, un-tucking the covers every night is not an acceptable option. The KangaPlushTM works synergistically with our ergonomic top sheet so that the canopy of the ergonomic top sheet seamlessly fits within the canopy of the KangaPlushTM eliminating the ‘nutcracker effect’ (hyperlink to Nutcracker Effect discussion) at the bottom of the bed.
    2. Generously OversizedOur king-size KangaPlushTM blankets are significantly larger than standard king-size blankets, as we are not limited by the loom’s width.  Said differently, we take the fabric off the roll, cut it, and use that piece sideways. When we join the segments, the result is a far more generously proportioned blanket than a standard king-size blanket (e.g., the KangaPlushTM king-size finishes at 110” x 116” plus it has the ergonomic canopy riding above it in contrast to a standard 90” x 108” king-size).
    3. Optional Two-ToneWe can mix and match our special KangaPlushTM color options to create dramatic two-tone blankets where the Kangapoda ergonomic canopy adds beauty, color, and drama to any bed and bedroom like a trendy bed scarf. 

The KangaPlushTM 3-Part Construction Allows for Dramatically, Eye-Catching Two-Tone Blankets.
The KangaPlush™ blanket’s 3-part construction results in a far more generously proportioned blanket than a standard king-size blanket. It is over 2 feet (26”) more generous when finished – not even including the expansive ergonomic canopy. Effectively, this is the difference between covers reaching your chest versus covers that may be pulled all the way up past your neck when desired.  
KangaPlush Blankets ready to make your bed a masterpiece.  Note the Charcoal and Silver Grey matching shams.
Shown above is a Two-Tone KangaPlush™ King-size in Tardis Blue with a Charcoal Gray ergonomic canopy
Note on the right how the canopy of this solid Cappuccino Brown KangaPlush™ blanket lies flat when not in use.  On the left is the turn-down of this scrumptiously over-sized blanket
When you make the bed with a KangaPlush, just set the ergonomic canopy on one side . . .  
. . .  and then do the same on the other side.  Voila!  It is that simple. 
Perhaps not quite thumbs up for feet up…But room for the feet exaltation all the same!!