Why a Kangapoda Sleep Mask?

Whether you use it at home (while under a Kangapoda) or when you travel, the Kangapoda Sleep Mask
is the perfect companion for a more comfortable cat nap or a well-darkened good night’s sleep!
Light is one of the most important external factors that can affect sleep. It does so both directly, by making it difficult for people to fall asleep, and indirectly, by influencing the timing of our internal clock which affects our preferred time to sleep.
Now that Kangapoda has made lying on your back under the tucked-in covers so much more comfortable, we felt that it was only proper that we recognize that in this position you are more susceptible to ambient light. As we worked so diligently at producing beautiful and ergonomically superior sheets and blankets, we felt it only proper to design a commensurate sleep mask.

Before reaching a consensus, Kangapoda evaluated almost 50 different options. Why go through such trouble for a sleep mask? Because if Kangapoda is going to do something, we are going to do it the best we can based on our sensitivities and sensibilities. So what are the factors that we thought make a good sleep mask? 


The Kangapoda Pumpkin Pie Sleep Mask is effective and soft on the face:sleepmask-2.jpg

  • Blocks out the light but is not heavy or bulky like a pair of goggles. You can comfortably shift positions and even sleep on your side or stomach.
  • Deliciously Soft. Sleep is, by definition, soft and soothing—so too, must be your sleep mask. We were very selective, and it took us some time to source our Pumpkin Pie Velvet exterior in the market, and it has a lovely soft feel.
  • Silky Satin for against the face.  It is gentle, breathable, and hypoallergenic.
  • Light Almost Airy. It is soothing and less intrusive when resting or sleeping.
  • Structural Integrity / It Is Padded throughout. It has enough padding that if you hold the mask by an end, it will stay horizontal. Less padded masks droop during this test.
  • Padded Satin Nose Bridge that is built into the bottom of the mask. This adds comfort and also serves to block ambient light from sneaking in from underneath the bottom of the mask.
  • Does Not Bunch Up and get pulled too tightly against the eyes.
  • Flexibly Strong Yet Soft Elastic Band. We saw a whole lot of examples of sleep masks with almost industrial bands. Heavy-duty elastics are uncomfortable around the head and certainly against long hair. We sourced a far more gentle material.


Brigette and Jay enjoy a restful night with their Pumpkin-Pie sleep masks!


Thumbs Up for Feet Up...and Lights Out!