Why a Kangapoda Top Sheet?

Kangapoda Sheets are gorgeous. We have combined fabulous, superb quality fabrics, our Made-in-America (Pompano Beach, Florida) workmanship, and, of course, our patented, ergonomic foot canopy to create superior comfort for you when you lie on your back under the covers.  Creating room for your feet is not a gimmick.  It is a logical design, and extra fabric, and extra workmanship.

Danielle's feet are unstressed because the Kangapoda Ergonomic Canopy drapes her feet rather than pressing against them like a plain flat top sheet does. 


Danielle's feet rest at a natural right angle by seamlessly entering the patented ergonomic canopy.  This eliminates the plain flat top sheet’s Nutcracker Effect.
While Kangapoda's patented, ergonomic canopy is our sine qua non—our foot comfort calling card—it was vital that our sheet collection have all the quality and performance basics our discerning customers expect.