Delish Cotton Sateen Sheets (White)

Product Type
Pillowcase(s) - Sheet Sets Only

Our 400 Thread Count, white, 100% long-staple Cotton Sateen Sheets are lustrously soft to the hand with a noticeable sheen.  Our weaver does a fabulous job with this fabric.  Of course, the centerpiece of the sheet set is our flagship Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet.  You will be delighted with our Made-in-America workmanship.  We meticulously measure, cut, and sew our patented Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet, the deep-pocketed fitted bottom sheet with its strong elastic, and our lovely oversized pillowcases.  Kangapoda’s emphasis is on quality, and that is why we pay attention to detail. We want you to experience delightful comfort every single night.  White is always a classic and clean and crisp. The Delish Cotton Sateen only comes in White.

The Kangapoda Ergonomic Top sheet uses approximately 45% more material and requires 5 times the labor of a plain flat top sheet.  That is why it works so well.  The Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet is an investment in years of superior comfort under the covers. Once you have watched TV, surfed the web, read a book, or slept on your back in a neat bed with your feet luxuriously comfortable, you will never want to lie under a plain flat top sheet ever again. 

Make no mistake, while the price point is lower than our fabulous Egyptian cotton line, these sheets are of superb quality woven out of ultra-fine cotton


*The Twin and Twin XL Sheet Sets only include one standard pillowcase. 
*The Twin XL has a larger canopy than the Twin. 
*The California King has a larger canopy than the King.

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