Luxe Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Product Type
Egyptian Sateen Color
Light Blue

We specially-commissioned this 600 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Extra-Long Staple Cotton Sateen fabric, and it is non-pareil. If you want to create a heavenly bed, this is Kangapoda's most beautiful fabric.  It has a delicious hand and drape, and will last you for years.  You will also be delighted with our Made-in-America workmanship.  Our manufacturers are true artisans—they meticulously measure, cut, and sew our patented Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet, the deep-pocketed fitted bottom sheet with its strong elastic, and our lovely pillowcases. Kangapoda’s emphasis is on quality, and that is why our manufacturers’ pay attention to every detail:  providing a meticulous fit and finish for the highest quality and value. We want your time in bed to be deliciously comfortable.  We want the room for your feet to lie comfortably to feel like an under the covers renaissance.  An, we want these sheets to last you a lifetime! This fabric is so luxurious, there are some purveyors who sell a plain flat top sheet only of this fabric for close to a thousand dollars.  This is an investment in years of ergonomic TV-watching and then turning over and sleeping wrapped in pure perfection.  


*The Twin and Twin XL Sheet Sets only include one standard pillowcase. 
*The Twin XL has a larger canopy than the Twin.
*The California King has a larger canopy than the King. 

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